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Dr. Don, Founder ICFO

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  • WARNING: Starting in March 2024, Google Is Implementing Its Biggest SEO Changes In History, Meaning ALL Existing SEO Rankings, Software Tools & Services Will Become Obsolete!
  • March 2024 Alert Is Breaking The Internet: The „SGE“ Google Update Called By Experts Biggest SEO Change in History”
  • The ONLY Software To Trick ChatGPT Into
  • Sending You MILLIONS Of Unique Visitors For Free
  • By Exploiting The March 2024 “SGE” Update!
  • 100% Organic Traffic Without SEO (This is No. 1 Ranking For AI ChatBots!)
  • First Software To Crack The AI Code
  • Just feed ProfitSGE any link and watch it send REAL VISITORS to it 24/7
  • Tricks any AI (OpenAI ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Microsoft Bing) into recommending your product, affiliate offer, or website 
  • Hijacks the hundreds of millions of daily AI users and sends them straight to your offer
  • Writes targeted content specifically for SGE that ChatGPT, Gemini & all the rest can’t get enough of
  • Gets the AI to direct-recommend your product/business/affiliate offer by ticking off all of their secret checklists
  • SGE Search Phrases Analysis helps you target all the right keywords and user questions
  • 2024 BONUS: ProfitSGE still gets you traditional SEO rankings for BOTH Google and Bing guaranteed for as long as they’re still used.
  • Our white-glove “Digital PR” gets your product or affiliate offer featured by review and comparison websites that SGE engines use to generate results and make recommendations
  • “Active Socials” feature makes Ais think your site is super-popular and already recommended by real users 
  • Enables proprietary ranking algorithms via our award-winning “Link Profiles”
  • Gets your websites featured with a direct link in AI chatbots via “article links”
  • Tricks Ais into displaying an image of your affiliate offer or product in “carousel rankings”
  • #1 Chatbot Rankings In No Time For You Or Your Clients
  • Sell SGE Optimization Services To Companies For Thousands
  • Software gives you a report with your logo that you just download and deliver to client
  • Unlimited free traffic in any niche

Click 4 Instant Access – ProfitSGE

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Dr. Don, Founder ICFO

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