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Quotations Resources Online

  1. Bartleby.comBartleby

    • Offers a classic collection of literary quotations from various well-known works and authors. The site covers themes ranging from love to philosophy.
  2. BrainyQuoteBrainyQuote

    • A comprehensive resource for quotes from famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. The site features sections for topics, authors, and daily quotes.
  3. GoodreadsGoodreads Quotes

    • Known primarily as a book recommendation site, Goodreads also has a vast collection of quotes from books, as well as quotes added by its community.
  4. WikiquoteWikiquote

    • This is a multilingual, web-based project by the Wikimedia Foundation to compile quotations. It’s free and widely accessible.
  5. QuotelandQuoteland

    • Features an extensive collection of quotations arranged into various categories such as love, friendship, and humor.
  6. QuotefancyQuotefancy

    • Known for its visually appealing and inspirational quote designs, Quotefancy offers a vast collection of quotes for different moods and topics.
  7. The Quote GardenThe Quote Garden

    • It features thousands of quotes on various subjects, carefully curated and categorized for easy browsing.
  8. ThinkExistThinkExist

    • Provides a simple interface to find quotations by topic or author. It also features daily quotes and browsing options by popularity.
  9. QuotationsPageThe Quotations Page

    • One of the oldest and largest collections of quotations online. It includes user-submitted quotes, quotes of the day, and topics-focused categories.
  10. Inspirational QuotesInspirational Quotes

    • Focuses on motivational and inspirational quotes across different life aspects including success, love, and happiness.
  11. LitQuotes – [LitQuotes](https:// www.litquotes.com/)

    • Specializes in quotes from literature, featuring selections from classic and contemporary works. It allows browsing by author, title, and theme.
  12. QuoteMasterQuoteMaster

    • Offers a large database of quotes from a wide range of subjects and authors. Users can search, browse categories, and even contribute their own quotes.
  13. AzQuotesAzQuotes

    • Known for its vast database and user-friendly search functionality, AzQuotes brings daily highlights, author-specific pages, and thematic collections.
  14. Said What?Said What?

    • A well-organized database of famous quotations, covering a variety of topics and themes. It also features quotes by famous personalities and in different contexts.
  15. Quotes.netQuotes.net

    • Part of the STANDS4 Network, this site offers a comprehensive collection of quotes organized by author, movie, TV, keywords, and themes.

These resources provide a vast expanse of knowledge and inspiration from the words of famous thinkers, writers, and notable personalities across history.

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Dr. Don, Founder ICFO

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