Glossary, Terms and Phrases Online Resources

General Glossaries and Dictionaries

  1. Merriam-Webster – A comprehensive online dictionary and thesaurus with definitions, synonyms, and uses.

  2. Oxford English Dictionary (OED) – Offers detailed definitions, word origins, and examples of usage.

  3. Wiktionary – A collaborative project to produce a free content dictionary, sister project of Wikipedia.

Scientific and Technical Terms

  1. IUPAC Gold Book – An authoritative resource providing definitions for chemistry-related terms.

  2. NASA Thesaurus – Contains terms and definitions related to aerospace and space science.

  3. IEEE Glossary – Definitions of electrical and electronics engineering terms provided by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Medical and Health Terms

  1. MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia – Offers clear definitions and information on medical terms and conditions.

  2. The Free Medical Dictionary – Features medical terms, definitions, and translations.

  3. Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary – A specialized dictionary for medical terms.

Financial and Economic Terms

  1. Investopedia – Provides comprehensive definitions and explanations for financial and investment terms.

  2. Financial Times Lexicon – Definitions of economic and financial terms used in the Financial Times.

  3. The Balance GlossaryThe Balance Glossary – A comprehensive resource for terms related to personal finance, budgeting, and investing.

Legal Terms

  1. Nolo’s Law Dictionary – Definitions of legal terms and concepts for consumers.

  2. Legal Information Institute (LII) at Cornell Law School – Definitions and explanations for legal terms within the context of U.S. Law.

  3. FindLaw Legal Dictionary – Definitions, explanations, and resources for legal terms.

Business and Marketing Terms

  1. American Marketing Association Dictionary – Comprehensive definitions of terms used in marketing.

  2. – Definitions and explanations of common business and management terms.

  3. IMS Business Glossary – Detailed glossary of business and management terms and concepts.

Technology and IT Terms

  1. TechTerms – Easy-to-understand explanations for technology, computer, and internet terms.

  2. WhatIs Tech Dictionary – Comprehensive dictionary of IT terms and acronyms by TechTarget.

  3. Webopedia – Clear definitions and explanations of technology and internet terms.

Cultural and Linguistic Terms

  1. Ethnologue – Provides information on languages of the world, including linguistic terms.

  2. Urban Dictionary – User-generated definitions and explanations of slang and contemporary phrases.

  3. Omniglot – Explains linguistic terms and provides resources ### Cultural and Linguistic Terms

  4. Ethnologue – Provides information on the languages of the world, including linguistic terms.

  5. Urban Dictionary – User-generated definitions and explanations of slang and contemporary phrases.

  6. Omniglot – Explains linguistic terms and provides resources on various writing systems, scripts, and languages.

Historical Terms

  1. Encyclopaedia Britannica – Offers definitions and explanations of historical terms, events, and figures.
  2. – Features articles and definitions related to historical events and terms.
  3. Dictionary of American History – An extensive collection of historical terms and concepts specific to American history.

Art and Architecture Terms

  1. Artcyclopedia – Comprehensive resource for art movements, techniques, and artist biographies.
  2. Getty Research Institute Art & Architecture Thesaurus – A structured vocabulary including terms related to art, architecture, and material culture.
  3. MoMA Glossary of Art Terms – Glossary of modern art terms provided by the Museum of Modern Art.

Environmental and Ecological Terms

  1. EPA Glossary – Definitions of environmental terms provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  2. UNEP Environmental Terminology – The United Nations Environment Programme provides a glossary for technical environmental terms.
  3. NOAA Glossary – Offers definitions for terms related to weather, climate, and ocean conditions, provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Educational and Pedagogical Terms

  1. EdTech Glossary – Definitions of terms and acronyms related to educational technology and pedagogy.
  2. ERIC Thesaurus – The Educational Resources Information Center provides a structured vocabulary of educational terms.
  3. Glossary of Education Reform – Comprehensive resource for terms related to education policies, practices, and reform.

Psychological and Mental Health Terms

  1. APA Dictionary of Psychology – Extensive dictionary of psychology terms by the American Psychological Association.
  2. Glossary – Definitions of mental health terms provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  3. Simply Psychology Glossary – Easy-to-understand explanations of key psychology concepts and terms.

Design and Creative Terms

  1. AIGA Design Dictionary – Glossary of design terms provided by the American Institute of Graphic Arts.
  2. Design Terminology by Canva – Definitions of common design terms and concepts, offered by Canva.
  3. AGDA Design Glossary – Comprehensive list of design terms by the Australian Graphic Design Association.

Literary Terms

  1. Literary Terms – Comprehensive explanations of literary terms and devices.
    • Website: []( Sure thing! Here’s a detailed list of resources for glossaries, terms, and phrases across various fields, ranging from general usage to more specialized industries:

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