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General How-To Websites

  1. WikiHow – Provides a wide range of how-to guides on various subjects with step-by-step photos.

  2. Instructables – Offers tutorials mainly focused on DIY projects in categories like technology, workshop, crafts, home, and more.

  3. eHow – Features articles and videos on how to do just about anything.

Cooking and Recipes

  1. AllRecipes – Offers a vast collection of recipes along with user reviews and ratings.

  2. Food Network – Features recipes from various chefs along with cooking tips and guides.

  3. Serious Eats – Provides in-depth articles on cooking techniques, recipes, and food science.

Technology and Coding

  1. Stack Overflow – A Q&A website for programmers to ask questions and share their coding knowledge.

  2. Codecademy – Offers interactive coding courses and exercises on various programming languages.

  3. W3Schools – Provides tutorials on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Home Improvement and DIY

  1. This Old House – Features tutorials, videos, and articles on home improvement and renovation projects.

  2. Family Handyman – Offers DIY projects, building tips, and home maintenance advice.

  3. YouTube – Many creators and channels focus on DIY and home improvement tutorials (e.g., DIY Creators, This Old House channel).

Health and Fitness

  1. Mayo Clinic – Provides reliable health information, self-care tips, and medical advice.

  2. WebMD – Features a wide range of health topics, including symptom checkers, medication information, and how-to health guides.

  3. Nerd Fitness – Focuses on fitness routines, diet tips, and wellness guides for various fitness levels.

Finance and Money Management

  1. Investopedia – Offers detailed financial information, investment tips, and how-to guides on managing money.

  2. NerdWallet – Provides advice on personal finance topics such as credit cards, mortgages, investing, and more.

  3. The Balance – Features articles on budgeting, saving, retirement planning, and investing.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Craftsy – Offers online courses and tutorials for various crafts such as knitting, quilting, painting, and more.

  2. Pinterest – A visual discovery engine where users can find and save ideas for crafts and DIY projects.

  3. Ravelry – A community site for knitters and crocheters to find, create, and share patterns.

Education and Learning

  1. Khan Academy – Offers free online courses, lessons, and practice exercises on a wide range of subjects.

  2. Coursera – Provides online courses and degrees from universities and companies on various topics.

  3. edX – Offers online courses from universities and institutions in a wide range of subjects.

Career and Professional Development

  1. LinkedIn Learning – Offers courses on business, technology, and creative skills to help professionals grow.

  2. Udemy – Provides a platform for learning a variety of skills, including professional development, through video courses.

  3. Skillshare – Focuses on classes in creative fields, business, technology, and more, taught by industry professionals.

Gardening and Outdoor Activities

  1. The Spruce – Features gardening guides, landscaping ideas, and plant care tips.

  2. Gardening Know How – Offers gardening advice, tips, and information on various plants, flowers, and vegetables.

  3. RHS Gardening – Provides gardening resources, inspiration, and advice from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Hobbies and Leisure

  1. BoardGameGeek – Offers information, reviews, and how-to guides on a variety of board games.

  2. IMDb – Extensive database with information, guides, and reviews on movies and TV shows.

  3. Travelzoo – Provides travel deals, tips, and destination guides for planning trips and vacations.

Pets and Animal Care

  1. ASPCA – Offers advice and resources on pet care, training, and animal behavior.

  2. PetMD – Comprehensive resources for pet health, wellness, and care.

  3. The Spruce Pets – Features articles, tips, and guides on pet care, including dogs, cats, birds, and more – Website:

Fashion and Style

  1. The Cut – Provides fashion tips, trends, and advice from industry professionals.

  2. Vogue – Features fashion news, trends, grooming advice, and style tips from around the globe.

  3. Real Men Real Style – Offers practical style advice specifically designed for men.

Music and Instruments

  1. Ultimate Guitar – Houses a large collection of guitar tabs, chords, and lessons.

  2. JustinGuitar – Provides free guitar lessons by professional guitar instructor Justin Sandercoe.

  3. Piano Marvel – Offers piano tutorials and interactive learning tools for beginner to advanced pianists.

Writing and Publishing

  1. Writer’s Digest – Provides advice, tips, and resources for aspiring writers and authors.

  2. Reedsy – Offers a comprehensive guide to writing, publishing, and marketing books.

  3. NaNoWriMo – Supports writers participating in National Novel Writing Month, providing resources and community.

These resources should cover a broad range of topics and help you find detailed “how-to” guides for almost any subject you are interested in. Happy learning!

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