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Business Planning

  1. Business Plan Tools and Templates
    • LivePlan: Provides business planning software with templates and financial forecasting tools.
    • SBA Business Plan Tool: Offers a free, step-by-step business plan tool provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Market Research

  1. Market Research Tools
    • Statista: Offers statistical data and market research reports.
    • Pew Research Center: Provides comprehensive reports and data on various industries.
    • Google Trends: Gives insights into trending search terms and topics.

Financial Management

  1. Accounting Software
    • QuickBooks: Cloud-based accounting software for small to medium-sized businesses.
    • Xero: Provides online accounting software with real-time financial reporting.

Legal Resources

  1. Legal Forms and Documents
    • Rocket Lawyer: Provides access to legal documents, contracts, and advice.
    • LegalZoom: Offers online legal services and document preparation.

Marketing and Sales

  1. Digital Marketing Tools
    • Hootsuite: Social media management platform to schedule and analyze posts.
    • Mailchimp: Email marketing service to design, send, and analyze email campaigns.
    • Google Analytics: Tracks and reports website traffic.

E-Commerce Platforms

  1. Online Store Builders
    • Shopify: E-commerce platform to create and manage online stores.
    • WooCommerce: Open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Project Management

  1. Project Management Software
    • Trello: Visual tool for project management and collaboration.
    • Asana: Task management software to help teams manage projects and tasks.

Networking and Collaboration

  1. Professional Networks
    • LinkedIn: Social network for professionals to connect, share, and seek opportunities.
    • Slack: Collaboration tool for team communication.

Learning and Development

  1. Online Learning Platforms
    • Coursera: Offers online courses, specializations, and degrees from top universities and companies.
    • Udemy: Marketplace for online learning and teaching.
    • LinkedIn Learning: Provides a variety of courses in business, technology, and creative skills.

Funding and Investment

  1. Crowdfunding Platforms
    • **Kickstarter **11. Indiegogo: Platform for funding creative ideas, technology innovations, and community initiatives.
    • AngelList: Connects startups with investors and job seekers.

Human Resources

  1. HR Management Tools
    • Gusto: Provides payroll, benefits, and human resources management.
    • BambooHR: HR software for small and medium businesses to manage employee data and workflows.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)**

  1. CRM Solutions
    • Salesforce: Comprehensive CRM platform for sales, service, marketing, and more.
    • HubSpot: Offers free and premium CRM tools for managing contacts, sales pipelines, and customer interactions.

Web Development and Hosting

  1. Website Builders and Hosting
    • Wix: Website builder to create websites with drag-and-drop tools.
    • Squarespace: Provides all-in-one solutions for website building and hosting.
    • Bluehost: Hosting provider with various plans including WordPress-specific options.

Analytics and Data

  1. Business Intelligence Tools
    • Tableau: Data visualization tool to transform data into interactive dashboards.
    • Power BI: Business analytics tool to deliver insights and data visualizations.


  1. Cybersecurity Resources
    • Norton: Offers antivirus and security software.
    • McAfee: Provides comprehensive security solutions for businesses.

Grant Resources

  1. Funding and Grants
    • Centralized location for finding and applying for federal funding opportunities.
    • Foundation Directory Online: Database of grantmakers and their grants.

Local Business Resources

  1. Chambers of Commerce
    • U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Nation’s largest business federation representing businesses of all sizes.
    • Local Chambers: Often offer networking opportunities, business resources, and advocacy for local businesses.

Economic Development

  1. Economic Development Agencies
    • SCORE: Offers free business mentoring and education through volunteer experts.
    • Local Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs): Provide business consulting and training services.

These resources can assist in a wide array of business needs, from initial planning and funding to everyday operations and scaling. Leveraging these tools can help you streamline processes, gain valuable insights, and ultimately grow your business.

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