7. The $1,000,000 Per day PTC/PTR Scam, IUH 2009-12, 2ND Ed, R513A

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Dr. Don, Founder ICFO

7. The $1,000,000 Per day PTC/PTR Scam, IUH 2009-12, 2ND Ed, R513A

This section culminates my 9 months of research, testing and being scammed in the PTC/PTR arena of Internet Scams. Years ago, I looked at various paid to read email programs, but I figured my time was worth much more than $ .05 for reading 10 emails or a $ .01 per email, or anything like that. Such low paying sites are still available today, and do actually pay. However, to make any money with these sites, you need a downline contributing to your income.

It is hard for me to get excited about someone that posts a check for $ 5.00 (as proof of payment) and he or she is happy. How much work did they have to put into to get that $ 5.00; did it pay for his Internet connection, his electricity, computer, etc. This section is another look at todays’ big money PTC/PTR sites, and the scams they represent…

I cannot emphasis the importance of this chapter, as I find too many new users (newbies), are being taken by the promise of big earnings $1 -20,000 per email that will never be taken to the bank


I get so very busy in my many endeavors; that I often look for a no-brainer to pass some break time. Chatting is great among the various social networks available, but can lead to problems for you, unless you keep it strictly business, not monkey business. I can say that, as I met my wife online (smiles).

After years of various successful businesses, consulting and coaching, etc., I finally decided to retire. I got tired of the local politics and current business gamesmanship. Moreover, I am a foreigner in someone else’s land; I do not need to take consultation fees when locals claim to be able to do the same job and work cheaper. .

I have been using the Internet for research, financial data/quotes, email, etc. for years in my various businesses. Therefore, I decided to try the net for some productive, paying programs. I believe I already told you that I did not play golf.

Having been used to working 12-16 hours days, I needed something to keep me my brain active. After some time of learning and losing at various other interest business opportunities as discussed before, I took another look at the PTC/PTR community.

As I said, the low-paying sites are still available, but it seems the real way to make any money here is to build a downline, like most online programs. In as much as I had not built a downline for any other program that paid more than these sites. I passed, but then I began finding new PTC/PTR programs that paid, unbelievable, think of it: $20,000 per email?

Wow, how can this be true? It is not possible – I told the wife, maybe this is a new money laundering Scheme. It did not make any sense to us, nor should it to you. However, do read on!

Real or not, I decided to check out these new sites, joining one led to joining another, etc. Before I knew it I had several sites promising ridiculous amounts of money per day.


The site is now shut down, but below are a few of the details of the scam which will be used to introduce to and help explain some of the similarities and differences between most of the PTR/PTC sites


  • Members:             7,608
  • Payouts:               62,093,832,222.00
  • Mails in queue 2296 Ads in rotation 30
  • Memberships (free and upgraded) Get Paid By Clicking!
  • All emails are Worth $20000 All PTC are worth $10000
  • $20000 signup bonus
  • $2000 referral bonus Redemption starts at only $500000
  • We send redemption within 48 hours
  • No downline is required for the payout
  • Payments Will be Made via Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers, E-Gold!
  • Fast Payments for Honest Members

2 Ref levels of commission under you; Level 1 – 20%, Level 2 – 10%

PCash is not a multi-level marketing site! This is a Pay per Action Site and the membership is completely free to join. You are not required to recruit or sell anything in order to get paid.

Advertiser Benefits the most cost effective advertising. Guaranteed Clickthru Ad Options.email


Advertise to 100% opt in membership.

Members are eager to receive your ads. Absolutely no Spam! We will customize your Ad Campaign. Reliable, Friendly Service. Fast respond! Mostly in 24 hours will be processed. Advertising Will Be Made within 24 hours. Choose Your Page


Membership has nearly tripled since I joined this site. Note the claimed payouts of over 62 Trillion, and all this with only 2300 emails and 30 banner ads. Payouts of 62,093,832,222.00 divided by 7,608 members’ give an average payout to each member of $816,000.

Not bad it if were true. But it is not, the payout number increases with each request for payment, but no money changes hands, only the tot board changes. Of course, this is not real, but seeing the numbers get so high, it became a game, a diversion, and sort-of addictive (how high can I go). As you will see, this site and others became a part of my Welcome to My USD 1M or More per Day Strategy. On paper, I was making money with this site, lots of it at a time when I was getting nothing from my other sites or advertising efforts. I accumulated a downline of 58 members. Clearly, this was a winner, by all measures, except that “No Payments” were received.

Even with my mentality that if you owe me a million, then 1% or $10,000 would be great, since although I would have like to have received something, but didn’t really need the money. However, I have learned that scammers don’t give up a dime. There is none of this take a little bit now and I will send the balance later stuff.

You have no contact with your downline, only the name and a $2,000 bonus tally. For that matter, the downline could be random generation of name to fill a list to keep you in the game. Since most of these scammers, as I have learned, own several sites, the same downline name probably shows more than one site.

The home page says payment will be made via different payment gateways. However, PayPal is now missing from the home page. A new name “Liberty Reserve” is shown. Liberty

Reserve came on strong and became the primary gateway for several other sites and No PayPal.


When you upgrade your free membership to a Gold Membership, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Free Referrals (3 x) – Your referral URL will be randomly inserted for surfers visiting the web site without a referral URL.
  • 10,000 PTC Worth $10,000 monthly (?? If each PTC is worth $10,000, Why only $10,000 per month?) 10,000 banner impressions monthly
  • $20,000 solo paid email to all monthly


Are you interested in advertising with our company? Below are the different types of advertising services we provide. We offer many options and are confident; you will find one to fit your needs. How it works:

  • Click one of our advertisings from below.
  • If these advertise allow targeting – select your target groups.
  • When you are done you will have the price that you need to pay, calculated.
  • After you have paid for your ad package, please fill out the “Order Form” on the last step to complete the advertisement ordering process.
  • Complete all the information requested on the form then click submit.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed, we will process your order immediately.


A Paid-email to Members of our Program

  • All of the people who are receiving the email have all requested it, thus giving you, the advertiser, and a great selection of interested viewers.
  • 20000 USD solo paid email to all 60 sec (pcash) – $2.00 30 x $20000 solo paid email to all 60 sec (pcash) – $55.00 10 x $20000 solo paid email to all 60 sec (pcash)
  • $20.00 PAID TO CLICK Banner 468 x 60 Exposures have a unique price per click and will last until the purchased number of clicks has been reached.
  • These are UNIQUE VISITORS as each user may click only ONCE per ad these ads are visible in the members’ paid2click area.
  • 1,000 PTC Worth $10000 40 sec (pcash) – $0.50 10,000 PTC Worth $10000 40 sec (pcash) – $2.00 100,000 PTC Worth $10000 40 sec (pcash) – $5.00


  • Your banner inserted into our banner rotation on the top of each page of the website. This is a great way to catch people’s interest, just as much publicity, if not more than, advertising in the member emails.
  • The banners will be displayed on every page of the site, randomly mixed in with other banners… 50,000 Banner Impressions (pcash) – $2.00
  • 100,000 banner impressions (pcash) – $4.00 500,000 banner impressions (pcash) – $18.00
  • One month unlimited banner impressions (pcash) – $35.00* This ad allows targeting. Price determined after choosing targets.


  • From the above cost, where is the money? You can buy $ 20, 000 USD solo paid emails to all members, running 60 sec (pcash) – $2.00.
  • If my math is correct $2.00 / 20,000 = .0001 cent. So how can anyone stay in business if each member receives $ 20,000 to read a $.0001 ad??
  • The fascination continued
  • During my time with this project, I noted that most of the ads and emails were self-promoting or cross promoting between similar sites, probably from the same owner. So where is the revenue?


  • pcash.info will not be liable for lost profits, lost business opportunities, or any other indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or related to this Agreement or pcash.info program, even if pcash.info has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • Furthermore, pcash.info aggregate liability arising under this Agreement will not exceed the amount of the total fees paid or payable to you under this Agreement. The provisions of this Section survive termination or expiration of the Agreement.


  • Affiliates may earn by receiving paid-emails and visiting the advertiser websites after they have entered their member ID in the area on the website provided by pcash.info.
  • Affiliates may earn by referring new affiliates to the pcash.info program. Affiliates will earn a percentage of advertising revenues collected by pcash.info.
  • Affiliates will be paid via PayPal / eGold. pcash.info will pay affiliates when their balance reaches the minimum payout rate set by pcash.info. Once the member has reached payout they may request payment. Payments will be made within 30 days or a reasonable time after.


  • Cash redemption for PCash starts at $ 500,000 and is easy to reach (as most sites will claim).
  • The amount of minimum earnings required before you can make a claim will decrease with an upgrade.
  • PCash claims they will send the redemption within 48 hours. For most sites, this payout period can be shortened with the level of an upgrade.
  • So if you want your money faster, you are motivated to upgrade.
  • Also an upgrade will provide you with some “x” number of free members to help build your downline.
  • TIP. Clearly PCash and other sites are offering a “Cash Payment Redemption” link which will pay you with “x” dollars within “x” hours or days, but forget what the Home Page says. Read the fine print from the “Terms” which reveals something different.


  • pcash may, at any time, choose to edit, add and/or delete portions of this agreement and impose changes without prior notification of its affiliates
  • Payments will be made within 30 days or a reasonable time after.
  • Tip. Don’t confuse the “Earnings” with Cash Payments.
  • Pcash.info, unlike some other sites, does tell you that you will earn a percentage of revenue, not full cash value.
  • But, as you will see when you do your Due Diligence; nobody will get anything if their daily revenue is only $4.00.
  • Most of these sites seem to confuse the word “redemption” with a cash payout. Using some of your cash value to place an ad will usually be redeemed within 24-48 hours.
  • Once an upgrade and a payment request has been made, let’s say for a 48 hour redemption, many sites then report that your payment will be made within the redemption period once your account is 30, 60 or 90 days old; and not the immediate 48 hours that you thought that you had upgraded for.
  • If you read the Home page, Terms, Upgrade and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS), you will typically find many inconsistencies between them.
  • For example, the front page does not mention PayPal anymore, but when you complete the user profile; the only payment methods are PayPal and E- Gold.
  • Most of these PTR/PTC sites use only PayPal and E-Gold, but it appears that many are now switching to Liberty Reserve. If you contact them online, you will not get a reply, and if you contact them by email, you will not get a reply.


  • I particularly love the “Fast Payments for Honest Members” What a lie!
  • With the amount of money I earned on the site, I should have been getting $500,000 every 2days. See my earnings of over $ 180,500,000, Amazing isn’t it.


  • You have directly earned: $ 92,600,000.0000
  • You have earned from your Downline: $ 84,786,000.0000
  • Your account balance after all transactions: $ 3,022,000.0000
  • When the minimum amount for a payout has been earned; in this case $500,000, you can click the “Request Payment” link, complete the request and you are greeted by the following message
  • Your message has been sent. We will contact you soon.
  • No messages regarding the payment request were ever received, and its seems that as soon as you request a payment, the “Payouts” Increase, even though no money has actually changed hands.
  • So is any of this realistic – Of course not, but watching your earnings increase and increase by $20,000 can be addictive, especially, if you have not seen earnings on other programs.
  • With this information, it is easy to see, that pcash.info claims to have paid out 62 trillion when it has an estimated value of less than $3,000. Ad revenue is estimated at less than My *USD 1m or More per Day Strategy
  • $4.00 per day. How to pay you $20,000 per ad?


  • This is just one example of over 200 sites evaluated.
  • As the numbers grew, it became a challenge: Can I Make (earn) a Million Dollars a Day Doing This? I made it a supplemental business endeavor (a non-paying business as you will learn) from 27 October 2008 till 22 Jul 2009.


I made PTC/PTR a business to see how far I could go with it without getting paid. I kept track of the date that I joined how, many days since joining, average earnings per day, signup bonuses, PTR earnings, PTC earnings, cost of upgrading, payment to who PayPal, Liberty Reserve, etc. I also tracked the date I upgraded, when payouts were due and other factors which I tracked off table. So it was a business and treated as such.

I was able to achieve the $ 1,000, 000 earning per day target in about 6 months. It could have been faster; but all programs (over 200 in the test) must be accessed (whether high dollar or lesser dollars) at least once a month, or a week as I did. Like reading email sites, some have a high volume some much lower.


  • It should be obvious that businesses cannot payout more than they take in advertising revenue and still be considered a going concern or a business
  • Advertising businesses cannot afford to give away computers, cameras and other such items, signup bonuses and such if the advertising revenue is not there.
  • Take your own perspective, how much are you willing pay others to read your advertisements? Good rule of thumb, sites that might actually pay will pay less than $.50 per click or read.

Thanks for Reading – 7. The $1,000,000 Per day PTC/PTR Scam, IUH 2009-12, 2ND Ed, R513A

Dr Don, Founder, ICFO

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