Dr Don’s Ph.D. Leadership and Human Behavior

Dr Don’s Ph.D. Leadership and Human Behavior

Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D.

  • Helping Others Online since 2004\
  • 2009 Author The Internet Users Handbook
  • Founder Internet Crime Fighters Org  [ICFO]
  • Ph.D. USIU San Diego, Ca 1979
  • MBA National University, San Diego 1977
  • 1939 Love Child, Handicapped Cerebral Palsy
  • Met Birth Mother after 42 years
  • Declared DOA by Grandma
  • Unadoptable due to Handicap
  • Foster Home #1 Abuse
    • Raised in the attic, did toilet outside – all weather
    • Neglected by the State Foster Agency until reported bloated, near dead from severe malnutrition
    • Removed to hospital
  • Placed Foster Care #2 for a year or more of recovery
    • Raped and abused for over a year, by a discharged military from the war
    • I started School at age 8 and was more abused till about age 14
  • State Foster Agency failed to investigate or press charges against either home
  • 8th Grade School Dropout to work and support myself
  • Entered military service Age 17

Exploring the intricate link between Ph.D. leadership and human behavior offers profound insights into effective management strategies.

The field of leadership and human behavior is a crucial area of study for those pursuing a PhD in this discipline. It encompasses a deep understanding of how individuals and groups interact, how leaders influence their followers, and how various factors such as emotional intelligence, personality traits, social and cultural influences, motivation, communication skills, decision-making, ethics, power, influence, and group dynamics impact leadership effectiveness.

PhD Leadership and Human Behavior is a multifaceted field of study that encompasses various aspects critical to effective leadership. Understanding the link between leadership and human behavior, exploring emotional intelligence, personality traits, social and cultural factors, motivation, communication skills, decision making, ethics, power and influence, and group dynamics all contribute to developing competent and successful leaders.

By harnessing leadership potential and fostering an environment conducive to organizational success, individuals with a PhD in Leadership and Human Behavior can contribute to the growth and development of organizations and positively impact the lives of their followers. With continuous research and exploration, this field will continue to evolve, offering valuable insights into effective leadership and enhancing our understanding of human behavior in organizational settings.

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Dr Don, Founder, ICFO
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