Syllaby: Automated Social Media Marketing

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Dr. Don. Founder ICFO

Syllaby: Automated Social Media Marketing

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Syllaby is an AI marketing tool that allows you to easily:

  • Automated Social Media Marketing
  • Discover Trending Content and Seamlessly
  • Create, Edit, Schedule, and Track Videos with AI Magic
  • Discover the top questions that customers are searching for online.
  • Use AI to generate engaging video scripts
  • for social media and blog articles.
  • Stay consistent and organized.
  • We have a calendar and consistency tracker so that
  • you can organize when to create your videos, and
  • you can mark them as complete
  • Businesses know they need to create videos but
  • Don’t know what topics, or what to say in the videos
  • And they need help staying consistent
  • This is EXACTLY what Syllaby helps you do!

Syllaby lets you find the top questions your customers are searching for online. TikTok and YouTube are search engines after all! Using these prompts, Syllaby uses AI to generate video scripts for you, and helps you stay consistent with our consistency tracker!

Syllaby is for the following:


  • Search for the top legal questions your clients have and
  • use AI to write scripts answering those questions!


  • Patients are asking you about procedures and diagnoses.
  • Use Syllaby to find all of the questions and
  • generate video scripts using AI!

Agency Owners – Use Syllaby to develop ongoing content strategies for all of your clients!

Any service-based business – If you offer a service for others, Syllaby was created with YOU in mind!

If you’re looking for an AI script writer to write viral scripts based on the topics that work in your industry or craft a content strategy that works across TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Reels, then this tool is for you.

With Syllaby, our content calendar will hold you accountable to make sure you are posting.

Click 4 Instant Access – Syllaby: Automated Social Media Marketing

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Dr. Don, Founder ICFO

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